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  • Great Googly Moogly!

    Wow it still feels like July moving into August but its obviously not. What in God's name happened? 

    Summer is over. Its cool and crisp here in Boston and the trees are apprehensively debuting their new fall tree styles seeing if other trees make fun of them or jump on the bandwagon and don similar attire. Summer was great, gigs, travel, festivals, weddings. But those are summer things and its fall so lets talk about fall things. 

    First off, the new Jordan Tice Trio CD is sent to mastering today! We're looking at a mid november release date. Its sounding O so nice thanks to the engineering and mixing mastery of Dave Sinko. Cant wait to share. 

    Check out the concerts page for our cd release touring in late November/early December and early January. Make sure you check the current dates listed. We had to reschedule our original early/mid Nov dates because Paul got a gig warming up for some singer/songwriter no one cares about named Paul Simon. I think I might have seen that guy at a folk alliance showcase or something. 

    Aside from my own things, excited to be playing with some other fine folks this fall, Lily Henley, Footworks, Ari and Mia Friedman, Jake Schepps. 

    Also, keep an eye out for releases from some other projects im involved in: a new Dan Trueman/Brittany Haas record i played guitar on and the debut CD from fiddler Mariel Vandersteel that I produced as well as played on. Those should both be hitting around early december. 

    Anywho, happy fall.