Long Story

Long Story


w/ Casey Driessen, Noam Pikelny, Andy Hall, Mark Schatz, Marc MacGlashan, and Sue Tice

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"The best albums are driven by strong compositions and Tice has chops in that regard to go along with his manual dexterity. When the springboard is strong material, improvisations tend to be better, and 'Long Story' delivers on both accounts. The tunes are engaging and melodic, and the pickers do their jobs, digging inspired solos out of the strong thematic foundations that only sound better with repetition. Jordan Tice is one of the new guys on the 'new acoustic' block and the neighborhood looks and sounds great." 

-Bluegrass Unlimited, February 2009

"This new solo release shows not only an obvious grasp of acoustic guitar technique, but a fresh compositional voice as well. The CD is more of a statement about Jordan’s original music than it is his guitar playing, and it is the tunes that shine, both for their clever melodies, and as improvisational vehicles for Tice and his fellow pickers. 'Long Story' strikes me as a very musical album, and Tice’s writing for the other musicians is spot-on from start to finish."

-The Bluegrass Blog, January 2009